Remember when your neighborhood mechanic was a trusted friend

Formerly Rick's Automotive Service


Naples Auto Repair works every day to provide reliable mechanical repairs to the Naples, FL area.


Utilizing your car’s technology for you!

Our diagnostic and electrical repair team will use the latest in diagnostic equipment to read your car’s computer error codes. Once we have an error code, we can further investigate the issue and see if it’s a simple fix or something that’s going to take us a little more time. We can check to see if it’s simply a loose gas cap triggering an evaporative emission code or a simple intake hose that needs replaced. We’ll find the root cause and we won’t spend time or your money repairing things that don’t need repairs.


Call us today for your diagnostic repair. We also specialize in offering electrical repairs such as alternators, power windows, and car batteries.

Diagnostic and electrical repairs:

  • Check engine light

  • Diagnostics

  • Power windows

  • Alternators

  • Batteries

  • Electrical systems

Quick and Efficient Diagnostics

Diagnosing the problem correctly the first time.


All new parts and labor guaranteed with a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty. Longer if specified by the manufacturer.